Saturday, October 30, 2010

Mirrors and Smart People

My Dad is a genius.

If you know my Dad, you probably already know this little tidbit to be true - but just in case you don't know my Dad, let me prove it to you :)

So, here's the story:

We moved into our new house - 3 weeks ago? Wow, I can't believe it's been that long already! Anyway, we moved in 3 weeks ago, and thru all the bussle with setting up a house, things like hanging pictures and mirrors got pushed to the bottom of the to-do list.

So, the mirror that should be attached to the long dresser in our room, was left un-attached.

Well, I've been asking Derrick for a while now if he would please put the mirror on the dresser. And, nothing against D - he's great and all, but he's been really busy and crazy these last few weeks and he just hasn't had a moment to do so.

So, this morning when he left for work, I decided that I was going to hang that mirror. Now, folks, hanging a mirror truly isn't difficult. All you need is the right screws, which unfortunately, I did not, just adding to the challenge.

I found 2 sets of screws that I hoped would work, went upstairs with a screwdriver, flipped the mirror upside down on our bed to see if the screws would fit .. and lo and behold, this is what I found:

Like I said, my Father is a genius! When he brought the dresser up for us ages ago (this was while we were still adventurously living in the camper) we parked the dresser & mirror (along with the other stuff he brought) in Derrick's parent's spare bedroom, aka our storage room. And so we never had need to put the mirror on until today -

Now, you might think it funny and silly, but its one more task done and one more item off my to-do list! And we're one step closer to our home being completely put together!


  1. The dresser looks nice in your room, especially with the mirror attached! Great job!!!

  2. Forgot to say that it is Mom A. LOL!!

  3. Yay!! Your dad is a genius!! I love that candle!!

  4. Okay i love your pics and i love your mirror but i love your Blog more!!!! hehe