Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Amy Kate [portraits]

Meet Amy Kate.
My beautiful 14 year old sister.
Who thinks that she is 23 years old.

Just kidding.
She really is an amazing mature kid [and I say "kid" to keep her in line, because she is my LITTLE sister!]

She's not boy-crazy [altho' she does have a few boys she calls her "brothers" - gonna have to watch out for them in the next few years].
She loves Reeses Peanut Butter Cups.
She loves listening to music.

And in a lot of ways, she's just like her big sister - me. Which is kind of scary.

And, her first name is Amy and her middle name is Kate - but I call her both [depending on how much trouble she's in LOL]. So when I refer to her as "Kate", that's because I always have and always will. It used to be her nickname for a while, but anymore I think I'm the only one who calls her that. So, it's our sister-thing.

But, she's a gorgeous girl and when I was visiting over the weekend: Mom asked if we could take some shots of Kate to update her photo on the wall.

Yes - we all have separate 8x10 photos of us hanging on the wall above the piano. Mine was updated at the wedding because one of my bridal portraits is in there. Everyone else's has been updated to pretty recently, except Amy.

She still has the same photo I took of her 2 or 3 years ago at the beach.


So, we [and we being myself and my sister Ellen] took some pictures to update Amy's head above the piano.

She loves to laugh too - did I mention that? Hehe, she thinks I'm funny :D

This one was Ellen's idea - and a great idea at that !! Woot for having photography-minded siblings !!

Oh and speaking of Ellen, here she is - sporting her brand new 50D which she just bought. It's lovely and she loves it ! But now, I have competition - so watch out because I'm gonna be putting my game face on: grrr.

haha just kidding :)

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