Monday, October 25, 2010

At My Other Home

I'm not allowed to call it "home" anymore.
Derrick won't let me.
"This is your home now," he keeps trying to pound into my head.

It sounds a little bit evil doesn't it ? Like the Beast tells Belle, "The castle is your home now, so you can go anywhere you like, except the West Wing." aka Derrick's studio/office *cough* haha

Just kidding. He's really not that mean - he's just trying to get me used to the idea of living somewhere other than at my parent's house. And now that we have a home that is our own - this really is starting to feel like home.

But I went to my other home last weekend to shoot with Tiffany and to visit my family. Fall is still in full swing down there - where it's just about over here = boo.

I like this little guy - my parent's garden has been done for a while but he's still holding on to that last little bit of summer. Yes! I like him! Keep holding on Mr. Pepper! Because as long as you are there - a piece of summer is still around!

Anyway, I had a wonderful weekend with my family and got to catch up with some of my friends too - so it was good times.

But, it was soo nice to come home - to my real home - which regardless of where we live is with Derrick :)

PS - Lately I've been working on a new logo, new name for my photography business, new brand - all that fun stuff. (Oh, and sloppy joes & ham and potato soup for dinner at the same time too!) I've been taking my time and completely revamping everything I created when I was 16 years old and decided I wanted to be a photographer. I'm still working on it but it's almost finished!
So, soon my blog is going to completely change!! I want to turn it into more of a website with more information on it and fun stuff like that - so stay tuned!

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  1. yay!! fun fun can't wait to see it all!!!! so glad you have some time to do what you love and love what you do!!