Saturday, October 23, 2010

Second-Shooting Life Lessons

Yesterday I had the extreme privilege of second-shooting a beautiful wedding with one of my good friends Tiffany of TJZ Creations. I met her at college - we managed to sit through the same crazy photography courses and come out at the other end still loving photography! She started doing photography full-time last year and her business has exploded! And of course it has, she's amazing. She is my Christmas-cookie-making-bud and she was one of my bridesmaids in my wedding - so to come home and second-shoot for her was awesome!!

From the moment we walked in the door, we knew it was going to be a fabulous wedding. We were instantly welcomed into the festivities and that always makes shooting so easy and relaxed.

Rachel's Mom was so adorable. You could tell, they have a fantastic relationship and are very close to each other. Her Mom wanted to put on her veil and as she did, they both got all teary and started crying "We weren't going to do this! No crying!" It was so sweet!

Being a fall wedding, Rachel chose a fall color palette and it was absolutely gorgeous!

Rachel was the sweetest thing ever. She was so happy to be getting married. Everyone tells the bride to make sure she takes time during the crazy busy and fast day a wedding day is to slow down and take it all in: and you could tell, Rachel definitely did that. She would be laughing with all her girls and then would softly look down at her flowers and be quiet for a moment, she'd tear up, wipe her eyes, and then quickly go back to laughing. She was perfect.

And then, this would be the point in the day where I learned a super important lesson about second-shooting:

When you are assisting a photographer, you should have one goal - one priority - one mindset the entire day: HELP the photographer. It is simple and seems almost silly to say, but that is the whole reason you are there. The couple didn't hire you as their photographer, the photographer asked you to help them. So, that should be your number one priority.

Of course, there are other awesome perks of second-shooting. Getting to watch a professional work and learn from them is a huge benefit, and of course getting a set of images that you can use in your own portfolio is awesome too. And who doesn't love hanging out at a wedding all day ?

But, I have to say, I hadn't quite learned that lesson yet? Until yesterday, when Tiffany asked me to leave the wedding and go back to her studio to pick up some cards that had been left behind. Of course I did it without hesitation and as quickly as I possibly could, but in doing so I missed the entire wedding ceremony, all the formal portraits, as well as all the fun shots of the bridal party & the bride and groom.


I'll be honest, it really sucked. There was a huge hole in the middle of my wedding experience. I missed all the fun stuff. But - I was there for a reason, help my photographer. And help her I did. And I learned a valuable lesson as a second-shooter = it's all about the photographer.

But, back to the main event :D

When Tiffany was telling me about the wedding, all she knew about the reception was that it was in a barn. A barn? Like - those fancy barns that people pay big bucks for? Oh-La-La!! It was gorgeous!! And, it was absolutely the perfect combination of Jarod's country-ness and Rachel's dainty-ness. It was perfectly pulled off.

During the toasts, everyone kept emphasizing how wonderful these two people are. How generous and beautiful Rachel is, and how gentlemanly and fun Jarod is, and how they are perfect for each other. Tiffany & I only spent a few hours with them, but I believe we would absolutely have to agree.

Remember how I said Rachel & her Mom seemed to have such a beautiful relationship? Yeah, if you didn't believe me then, you can believe me now :)

The day was beautiful and I think Tiff & I totally rocked this wedding :D I think she should invite me to second-shoot for her more often *hint hint* haha

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  1. wow great pic Kara.. regardless if you took them or not.. I am sure you did a great job.