Tuesday, November 16, 2010

the lights & old country songs

I'm not sure how it worked in your house.
But I know how it worked in my parent's house.

My siblings and I would habitually play from room to room and turn the lights on, and leave them on behind us.
My Mom was always too busy, usually cooking dinner at this specific time of the evening - to follow us around and turn them off.

Que my Dad coming home from work.

He would walk in the door, say hi to my Mom and then go back into their bedroom to change clothes.

And as he would exit the bedroom and walk back through the house, he would turn the lights off in all the empty rooms. And he would sing an old Trace Adkins song. And he would only sing a few lines, usually something to the effect of - "Every light in the house is on, the backyard's bright as the crack of dawn..." in his overly thick country accent.

And I remember always feeling guilty about leaving the lights on.

Well, now I have my own house, with my own electric bill.
And Derrick & I are really careful about leaving lights on?
But last night, when I ran upstairs to grab something out of our bedroom, I noticed that someone (must have been one of those elves that's been doing work on our house - yeah - must've been :D) left the light on in the office.

And one thing came to my mind:

"Every light in the house is on..."

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