Tuesday, November 30, 2010

::Family Photos:: Paul, Naomi & PJ [Latrobe, PA]

Like I said before, while D&I were home for Thanksgiving weekend, we spent Friday evening with Derrick's brother Paul, my best friend Naomi, and our adorable nephew PJ !

If you've been around my blog any length of time, you know who these people are. But just in case you're new - I'll give you the shortened version:

Naomi was my bestest friend in high-school and during our senior year met this guy named Paul. They decided they liked each other a bit and got married in 2008 - and at their wedding, I met Paul's tall, dark, and handsome younger brother, Derrick :D The rest is of course, history. My best friend is now my sister-in-law and last year she gave me my very own nephew !! :D haha

And here she is ! My gorgeous and FAVORITE sister-in-law :D

Naomi wanted some cute family photos and some individuals of PJ so bad [because like she said: "everyone else has the most adorable pictures of their babies and I don't have any of PJ!" :D -- thus you give Auntie Kara a call !!] - but PJ decided he wasn't in the mood that night and so I only shot for a very short period of time.

Naomi was frustrated, Paul was tired, and PJ was bawling. They thought the photo-shoot was a bust.

I think they're going to be super surprised at what I got though - because unlike what they thought, I got some SUPER cute pictures !! :D

Enjoy !

I LOVE this series - SO cute !! :D

And, they were trying to bribe the PS3 controller out of PJ's hands - as you can see - sometimes it's just simpler to let him hold what he wants so he's pleasant :P

Mr. Mischievous :D

The thing is - PJ wasn't just unhappy to be unhappy - he's a very pleasant little guy. He's getting a whole bunch of teeth at the moment and, well, that's painful.

See those teeth ??

Orajel - oh yess - that helps !

He is so ready to play with his Daddy & Uncle Derrick - watch out boys, PJ's gonna beat ya'll !!

Haha and after about 20 minutes, PJ decided he was sick of wearing his shoes in the house :P

See? I think they turned out really cute !!

That just goes to prove that you can never underestimate my photo-taking skills ! :P

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