Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Our House [update]

Things I'm Thankful For:

This is Thanksgiving week - so what better way to celebrate than to publish some things that I'm thankful for?

And without further ado - another update on our house ! Which I'm SUPER-DUPER thankful for !!


For the first time since we moved into our brand new house - I can sit in our living room without a hoodie on !! :D (and usually it was more than just a hoodie.. usually it was a hoodie and sweat pants and 2 or 3 blankets :P)

With oil heat, it's expensive to run the furnace period. So, Derrick & I have been keeping the temperature at a cozy 65*. Yeah, so it's a bit chilly in our house, especially if you are ME. I promise, I was born with blood meant for a warmer climate. And 65* just doesn't cut it. Thus, the hoodie & blankets :)

But no longer !! We now have a wood-burner !! :D

And it's like heaven when that thing cranks up and the temperature rises into the 70's !! :D I have never been so thankful for such a little thing :) But in my eyes, it's huge.

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