Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Christmas Extravaganza! [Milan, PA]

In just a couple of weeks (oh boy, it's just over 2 weeks now to go!! where in the world does time fly off to?) I am part of a fundraiser to help the school that was started this year at New Generation Church - it's called Freedom Lane Academy.

Mrs. Bacorn (yep! the one & the same fabulous lady from these posts: engagment & wedding) is the teacher and she has 8 students! It's like a one-room school house type of setting - I love it! I took school pictures a few weeks ago and they turned out awesome - those students are very unique and I loved spending the day with them.

Anyway, one of the Mom's is hosting a fundraiser for the school. On November 13, from 10am until 6pm there will be food, unique crafts that will make awesome Christmas gifts, gift wrapping, and I'm taking family pictures!

If you live around here, you should definitely come out and see us!

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