Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Light-Up Night - Irwin

last thursday night was light-up night in down town irwin.. it was so much fun to walk around this year with my new beast and take pictures.. such a huge difference from last year.. not only in image quality [thanks to my new camera] but also in my confidence as a photographer.. i was so much more at ease just walking around and snapping shots of people and things that i never would have even attempted last year.. so its really cool to look back & realize how my style has changed and developed -- and is still developing :)

this little boy was so adorable..

the official lighting of the Christmas tree to kick everything off :)

it was SO incredibly cold thursday night.. i was so numb by the end of the night.. so i was kinda surprised at all the LITTLE little kids that were out .. but they were all bundled up SO cute !!

see.. now this is where i would have liked to be.. in a warm house.. looking down on the parade.. lol


  1. not fair!! i got like 1 good picture!!!

  2. Aw!! SO good! Yay for Christmas time, especially at night in cute towns :D