Sunday, November 16, 2008

concert night #1

friday morning.. we packed up steph's car and headed out of VFCC and up to derrick's parent's house.. and friday night derrick performed again as the entertainment during a dinner his parent's church had..

me && steph :) lol we were playing with the table centerpieces -- the pilgrims? hehe it was so funny !

derrick && i..

naomi took these pictures for me.. and i loved how she got the light from the music stand and how nicely it is reflected onto my face.. not my favorite picture of ME in the world.. but i loved how she captured the lighting !! because the lighting definitely was tricky..

singing.. always..

so after derrick did his thing.. paul && naomi got up and sang a couple songs.. :)

so after the dinner.. we helped clean up and then went back over to the house for a game of risk.. needless to say.. steph && i got beaten out of the game fairly early.. and the guys decided to take over the world.. paul got killed off around midnight.. and then derrick && caleb battled it out until 2am

sparky.. !!


caleb.. these two let me stay with them in their apartment while i was at VFCC.. they are derrick's best friends.. and i can totally understand why.. they are sooo amazing.. the best way to describe them is that.. i totally felt like i was just re-meeting some long lost best friends.. they are amazing people -- soo ready to strike out into the world and make an impact for Jesus.. i can't wait to see how God uses them :)

hehe derrick's dad.. he was soo funny while we were playing risk !! he kept saying to the person who's turn it was "can i give you some vision?" and then he'd tell them what he thought they should do.. and of course they all took his advice because they just assumed he was telling them in their best interest.. when actually.. he was trying to help ME out.. hehe it was really funny :) he's awesome :)


  1. I just want to say, i took every single one of these pictures, and i love them. And she didn't put up any of the gorgeous pics i took of her. Your a dork. :P
    And I love you <3

  2. yes naomi.. you did take every single picture.. except the one of you singing.. lol i took that one :)
    you're amazing with my camera :)
    i love you too !!