Wednesday, November 19, 2008

concert night #2

after church on sunday.. we packed up the car again and headed out to derrick's uncle jim's church to do his second concert..

getting ready..

he was actually a little bit nervous about this concert which is very unlike him.. normally he's totally cool with singing.. i think it was because.. unlike friday night where it was a little more informal.. he knew that sunday night he would have everyone's attention on him.. which he actually flourished under -- yet he was a little nervous before hand :)

aww.. :)

btw.. caleb took all of these pictures for me.. and he captured this amazing shot of his beautiful wife :)

hehe.. the smokey the bear face.. watch out or he'll come after you :)

and yes.. i did accompany derrick for both concerts.. :)

here we go :)

singing his heart out..

derrick & i with derrick's uncle jim & aunt dot :) we had so much fun at their church and then hanging out with them afterward.. they are so lively and energetic about everything and soooo funny !! we only meant to stick around until around 7:30.. but we didn't end up leaving until after 9.. oops :) we had an awesome time tho' && left soo encouraged..

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