Thursday, November 13, 2008

a train ride

haha this was totally ME on the train yesterday :)

so yesterday was my first ever "major" train ride.. i got on the train at greensburg at 8:01.. and got off in paolli at 2:19.. and surprisingly.. the train was on-time or early all day long !! it was a nice ride tho'.. of course the niceness wore off after about the first 30 minutes and then it just became a LONG train ride.. lol.. but it was fun.. got to see a lot of the beautiful PA countryside.. from small little adorable towns.. to rolling farmland.. PA really is a beautiful state..

i loved this shot that i just "happened" to catch.. it is totally the quintessential quaint little town.. all patriotic with their flags out.. the leaves still clinging to the trees.. i loved it !!


  1. those are GREAT pics!

  2. wow, those are REALLY good pictures kara...!