Tuesday, November 4, 2008

little siblings are the best victims--err.. subjects :)

after being in the studio this morning with tiffany.. i was in the mood to shoot some more portraits.. and so i took my little siblings outside and we shot some images.. :) they truly are the best little people to try out new things on.. because they don't really care what it looks like.. or how you set them up.. they just LOVE having their picture taken !!

i think this is definitely one of my favorites.. except for ruby's beautiful shiner.. will have to fix that up in photoshop class on thursday..

haha this was SO funny.. emma and stephen were up in this tree.. and i told them how to sit.. cross their arms.. and smile at me.. well.. they were both giving me these cheesy smiles.. so i asked for a serious look.. and i got this.. of course.. they couldn't hold that serious look for too long.. until they burst out laughing and.. ugh.. THOSE shots are out of focus.. darn.. but it was great fun :)

i have the most handsome-est little brother around.. period..

isn't he the most handsome thing EVER ?! omigosh..

so here.. i did it again.. i kept getting a really cheesy smile from him.. and so i asked for him to just be serious..

and he was really only serious long enough for me to get that shot.. until he gave me this beautiful natural smile.. :) oh yeah.. sha-bang..


  1. you have such cute siblings!!!

  2. hey!! where's all the pictures of me!! where was i?