Sunday, November 23, 2008

sparky & valley forge

while at derrick's parent's house last weekend.. derrick asked me to get a few shots of their dog sparky that he wanted..

he's the sweetest little dog ever.. but the poor thing is almost ancient.. i've spent 3 weekends at derrick's parent's house and.. its noticeable how much sparky is losing his vibrancy.. as well as his hearing.. he is almost completely deaf -- poor thing..

just chillin' out..

awww.. a man & his dog.. :)

so then.. the day i left -- monday.. the train didn't leave until 1:19.. and so that morning derrick & i went and walked around valley forge..

the place is stinkin' huge.. we covered nothing compared to how huge the grounds are.. we both agreed we would love to go back -- sometime when it wasn't so cold !! lol

oh.. and there are deer everywhere.. i first learned about them when i got there and steph & i went to the mall and we had to drive thru valley forge.. and she was like "ugh there are deer EVERYWHERE around here.. you have to be so careful !" and they are totally fearless.. we were so close to these guys.. and they were totally cool with us..

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  1. See! Deer are EVERYWHERE.... Beware...

    I like those pics of sparky i love that dog, even though he has bitten me like four times. Silly dog...