Saturday, November 1, 2008

fall has arrived

yesterday and today were both absolutely beautiful days.. the perfect days to play with my new camera.. so i headed out into the beautiful natural light of fall and shot [[almost]] an entire 4GB card full of images :)

the quality of the photos i think is SO much improved over my old camera.. all the following images are SOOC.. only a little bit of sharpening added to each one.. and i think that.. comparing these images taken straight out of camera.. with the images from my olympus that WERE edited -- there is no comparison..

i LOVE how beautifully and genuinely blurred the background is.. it almost seemed like my olympus was just faking the f-stops compared to this camera and the lens..

the colors are amazing..

i love ruby's face.. and her beautiful blue eyes :)

so.. since i was out shooting.. amy decided to take my old camera out and do some shooting of her own.. and she actually got some pretty sweet images :)

oo la la !! lovin' the flare !!

and MORE flare ! :)

i love this !! stephen && ruby have such an awesome relationship.. ruby absolutely adores her big brother.. and stephen lavishes all sorts of love on his baby sister.. and so when the boys were riding their bikes and ruby was feeling left out.. stephen made a point to stop and give her a hug..

their relationship is really amazing :) can't you tell how much they love each other ?

&& a random shot of our cat -- err.. dog.. who thinks he's cat sometimes :)


  1. ohmigosh! That pic of stephen and ruby hugging is the CUTEST pic ever! SO sweet!

  2. I also LOVE that pic of stephen and ruby! And WOW what amazing pic quality. i want to play with it now :P

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