Sunday, November 16, 2008

Senior Recital

this past thursday night was derrick's senior recital.. he was amazing !! i cannot wait to get a copy of what he sang.. it was soo beautiful..

all dressed up :) he looked soo handsome with his new suit.. hehe that i helped him find the last time we were at his parent's house :)

hehe.. he was soo serious while he sang tho'.. in all the images i have -- he's got the same look of concentration & focus written all over his face..

oookay.. but here's that smile i love.. at the end of his recital.. he took the mic and had his mum come up on stage and he gave her flowers since thursday was her birthday :)

then.. normally the guy in charge of hosting the recital will pray for the person performing.. but they asked derrick's dad to pray for him instead -- since he was there :)

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