Tuesday, December 9, 2008

thanksgiving !

thanksgiving at my house is always crazy.. with at least 17 people running around [sometimes more] its bound to be insane.. but it is always fun.. we always laugh a lot.. joke around & pick on each other.. :) gotta love big families !!

cousin love !!

ruby just wanted the sparkling cider :)

the feast.. from my end of the table..

chowing down.. on.. the.. wrong.. end of the spoon ? lol

pumpkin pie at meme & grandpa's house afterward !! [gotta love grandparents who live next door]

then started the craziness..

[since she always complains about not having a picture of her on this blog =D]

*snap* got it :)

amy & zeb had to show off their mad jumping skills.. lol

these guys really do love each other .. if you couldn't tell :)

okay okay.. so i shot this for my aunt & uncle.. hated the background & such.. so i took it into photoshop and turned it into this ::

yay for photoshop !! i just wish i owned it instead of having to wait until i got to the college to use it :(

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