Saturday, December 20, 2008

relaxing days

seems like everyone is taking a blogging vacation this month :) its totally too easy to.. with all the preparations for the holidays going on.. it seems blogging just gets pushed to the end of the "to-do" list..
however.. along with all the holiday prep.. also comes lots of time to just relax.. watch movies.. bake & eat cookies.. and catch up with friends..

hehe like i said.. watch movies :)

apparently ruby thought it was a scary movie !

buzzy-dog :)

to top the month off.. we got the first "major" snow fall of the winter season.. a whole 2 inches.. but it was that perfect wet snow that sticks to everything.. and makes the world a prettier place..

don't forget taking time out to paint little people's toes & fingers !!

i was so happy that the snow lasted a few days.. and i had a chance to go out & snap some shots while the sun was out..

see the bird ?

did i mention baking cookies ? i spent most of thursday at tiffany's house.. and we baked a million sugar cookies.. plus decorated almost ALL of them.. plus we made hard candy for her christmas party :)

tiffany's dust-mop.. err.. puppy dog :)

lol see how the stack of cookies just kept growing ?

so.. both of us being graphic & photography majors.. some of our cookies came out very creative.. but after the first couple.. well.. it just got kinda tedious and we started decorating them like we were 2 years old :) we had such an awesome time tho'..

one of my more "creative" cookies ! :)

thursday night i caught up with grace, john, & afton for dinner.. we had so much fun catching up.. i miss the old lunch crew from WEC..

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