Wednesday, June 1, 2011


my garden is alive!
amy & i planted everything last week and when we got home from the lake monday night, the seeds had sprouted!

everything i've ever tried to grow from seeds has only survived so long and then died. i mean, maybe i was only 10 years old the last time i planted seeds, but that left a nice impression that growing anything from seeds was impossible.

but one of the ladies i work with at the bank convinced me that it was possible [and wayy lighter on the wallet] so i decided to give it a try. and lo & behold it worked! i'm soo excited!

so, here are a few of my little baby plants :D

my beans were the first things to appear and are the largest plants in my garden so far -

next, size wise, would be my baby cucumbers :)

this is my baby lettuce! can't wait to see how this turns out!

and these are my baby tomatoes! obviously, once they get a little bigger i'll have to thin them out quite a bit, but i'm so excited that they're growing !!

amy & i also dug up two flower beds in front of my house where i also planted seeds.
and so far the only ones to make an obvious appearance are these ones - don't ask me what they are because i can't remember, they look pretty on the package though!! :P

and then just tonight, larissa dropped off some hosta plants from her garden - apparently these guys get quite large and like to take things over, so i'll have to keep an eye on them - but they will definitely take up some of the empty space while i wait for some of my other flowers to grow :)

hehe - this is not a plant :)
this is our little abby-girl, who apparently thinks she can hide in the grass :D 
sneaky puppy.

and here she isn't being not so sneaky, but just her normal adorable self :)

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