Wednesday, June 29, 2011

my new bag!

i recently bought a 3rd lens for my collection that i got a fantastic deal on from ebay!
the bidding was literally down to the wire & i made my winning bid with 4 seconds left to the auction - oh yeah :)

but as soon as i won it, i realized - i now have 3 lenses.
and my camera bag will only allow me to hold 2.

so what's a girl to do? 
well get a new bag of course!
it threw me into a whirl of research and asking for people's opinions - but ultimately i chose a bag i have been drooling over ever since they came out back in 2007.

i remember being newer on the blogging scene - and really only following 3 photographers: kristen leigh, [b]ecker, and jessica claire - and i remember when jessica claire announced her newest idea & creation: the shootsac.

i remember thinking - that's brilliant! and i want one!

and ever since then these bags have really taken off and most of the professional photographers i follow carry shootsacs & love them.

and then after second-shooting with my hero kristen leigh last summer and seeing her use her shootsac constantly throughout the day - i knew i had to have one.

and so i got one :)

it's amazing and i cannot wait to use it at the wedding on saturday !
and hopefully someone snag a pic of me using it so i can prove that it really is amazing :)


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  1. I'll have to look them up. I'm dying for a kelly moore camera bag!