Monday, June 13, 2011

Family Photos [Waverly, NY]

last wednesday i got to hang out with an awesome family and shoot some relaxed portraits and family photos for them!
i had such a blast. there were soo many people! i felt right at home :) there were 23 people there, and back home when my dad's family is all together, there are 21 of us - so i felt like i was back home.

needless to say, i shot a lot of photos, and i've already shown you two of my very favorites [who couldn't resist baby jack?] but here are a few of my other favorites! trust me, it was hard to pick which shots to post and which to leave out!

you may recognize a few folks from this family - back at christmas time i shot family photos for allison and her family and her sister's family - and it was so fun to meet up with them again and do it all over - this time in a much more fun environment [parks are so much more fun that being cooped up in a house!]

i was honored to meet the matriarch of the whole family. allison talks about her grandma all the time - and it was so cool to meet her to watch her interact and just relax with her kids, grandkids, and great-grandkids!

and you've already met baby jack - who took a nap at the beginning :D

annndd - without further words of interruption - here are some more images!


i had such a great time getting to know this family - you guys are all awesome and thanks so much for coming together and being great sports on such a HOT day!

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