Monday, June 20, 2011

I Heart Faces - Boys

i[heart]faces challenge for the week is "let's hear it for the boys!" and so i wanted to post a photo of my little brother :) and as i started thinking through the photos i have of the little rascal - this one came to mind.

i know i already blogged it, but you can't deny me that it's darn cute enough to be blogged again :)

this is my little brother [who is quite a ham] and my cousin [who is also quite a ham] .. dancing on my dad's boat. there was no music playing - no rehearsal - just 2 boys who decided they wanted to throw a little party and make everyone watching laugh :)

be sure to head over to i[heart]faces to see more "boy" photos!


  1. Great shot,definately worth posting again!

  2. Beautiful light and color. Looks like they are very much in the moment.

    Erika B