Sunday, June 5, 2011

I Heart Faces - From A Distance

so this week's i[heart]faces challenge is "from a distance" and this photo i snapped last weekend at the lake-house came to mind.

i was standing on the dock shooting the kids swimming and stuff, when i glanced up and saw my little cousin Isaiah walking down to the lake hand-in-hand with my grandma. i thought it was so cute, but to my dismay, i had my 50mm on my camera so i knew i could not get the close-up shot i instantly knew i wanted.

but knowing that it was way to cute to pass up - i snapped it anyway.

i LOVE that they had almost reached the end of their little walk when it looks like they've stopped because Isaiah saw something and was pointing to it.
i also LOVE that my grandma is holding a racquetball racket. how random is that? haha.

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