Tuesday, May 31, 2011


soo, i have so many photos from over the weekend that i think it'd be crazy overwhelming to do them all in one post.
thus, i decided to break it down and do several posts.
and this post just happens to be all about my new twin cousins: abby & becca :)

okay, so these precious little girls are pretty much identical so it's really hard to tell them apart - especially  when they're wearing the same adorable outfits :) but that's okay because i'm pretty sure i remember which one is which.

first off, miss abby.

they both are such happy little munchkins but abby seemed happiest :) she was always smiling and in this particular case, it was due to my little sister ruby talking to her :)

but like i said, she's pretty much always pretty happy.

but has many other adorable facial expressions too - like this is her "shocked" look :D haha

i love it :)

i think the reason i picked abby out as the happier of the two, was because becca seemed to always be sleeping! which is totally not a bad thing at all.

doing her wake-up stretches :)

we were all laughing that this was her grumpy face :D

alright, here we go - see? i told you they were both happy babies!

and a close-up, because they gotta be equal :)

anndd - one for the road.
this is my sister ellen holding both girls.
they're so tiny and huggable and squeezable! :D

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