Friday, May 13, 2011

Gardening 101

Have I mentioned my garden?
Well, it's not really a garden yet.
I haven't planted anything- yet.
[still a little worried about frost - it's supposed to be cool this next week]
But it's just about ready to be planted!

Meaning - all the crazy hard work of prepping the ground is just about done!

I mentioned D helping me.
And he's helped me in more ways than one.
He tore all the sod out of the area - I helped with that!
Then he loosened all the dirt - I helped with that!
Then he tilled the garden - I did not help with that.
Hey, I had a good excuse, I was deathly ill with a cold :)

Ahh so it's almost ready!
It needs a little more work, but we're so close!

I can't WAIT to plant things!!

Yumm - I can almost taste my fresh tomatoes and cucumbers now :)

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