Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Spring Time!

Today, I feel like I accomplished a lot.
And learned a lot.

For example:
Next time I lose something [today it was my clothespins], look for the item behind the washing machine.

And then pray that Derrick is coming home soon - because after 20 minutes of trying with various and asundery long stick-like items - I will never be able to get the thing out.

So, good thing Derrick was coming home soon - or else I wouldn't have been able to hang my laundry out :)

I learned something else too!
My lilacs are beautiful!
And smell soooo good.
But big ginormous bumble bees love my lilacs too.
So, don't get too close!

And another thing!
When starting a garden from scratch - it's helpful to have something - anything OTHER than a flat shovel to begin.

I apparently was not learned in the different types of shovels - I thought they were pretty much all the same?
Oh no.
Flat bottom shovels are impossible to dig into the ground with.

Meaning I had to wait until Derrick got home from worship practice & brought with him a pointy edged shovel to truly dig into my garden.

I don't like waiting :)

But - he's so fantastic :) He brought a shovel & a pick and worked with me until we got all the grass out of the way & now the ground is all ready to be tilled!
Did I ever mention I love that guy?

And the last thing I learned:
I gave Abby a bath today [along with my car] - and she did NOT like being wet.
I have NEVER seen her go so crazy, out of her mind, fanatic - trying to get dry.
It was really quite humorous.

That's all.


  1. you have lilacs??? AWESOMENESS!!! <3

  2. Pretty photos. my fav. is the one with the hanging laundry. love that.

    I'm now following your blog :)