Monday, May 2, 2011

Anniversary Holiday

Last weekend, after Easter dinner with D's folks, we headed out to Watkins Glen, NY for a little getaway time in celebration of our one-year anniversary.

We had never been there before, but heard lots of great things. So, we booked a fancy hotel room - 
[Mom: notice the floor - hard wood! no worrying about nasty carpets! haha]
[also notice the two beds, that's because we've adopted the Lucy & Ricky way of sleeping]

Just kidding :) But, for some strange reason, the only rooms that came with a jacuzzi tub had two beds.
So, we weren't going to rent the room with the jacuzzi tub.
Until D's parents upgraded our room for us and thus we got the jacuzzi tub!
[and two beds :)]

Being Easter, most everything in town was closed down.
Including the fancy restaurant inside the hotel.
So, we had a romantic dinner in our room - courtesy of the bar downstairs :P

I think we spent about 4 hours in the pool & hot tub in the hotel that afternoon.
And then spent another 2 hours in the jacuzzi tub that evening.
It was sooo relaxing.
After weeks and weeks of going and going nonstop, it was so wonderful to simply . do . nothing.

Monday morning we woke up [rather late - oops] and even though the weather was quite dreary, we were bound & determined to do a little hiking & sightseeing.

So of course, the main place to see at Watkins Glen, is, Watkins Glen :)

So, we got there. And realized the bottom entrance was closed due to some construction they were doing.
No problem. There's an upper entrance.
So, we drove up there.
Parked. Got out. Started hiking down the trail.
Got to the point of looking over the fence down into the gorge.
And it's really pretty.
And then we realize - see in the above picture where it looks like a waking path along the water?
Yeahhh - that's where we really wanted to go.
Unfortunately - it was also really closed.

But there were several of "upper" trails to walk on, so we decided not to write it off as a complete failure yet.

From what we could see - this place is amazing.
And super gorgeous.
We just couldn't go too far without running into a dead end - with a fenced off area of the trail marked "due to hazardous winter conditions, this portion of the trail is closed".

We hiked everywhere we could, but honestly probably didn't even cover half of the trails through this park. It's huge. And, unfortunately, we were probably just a week or two ahead of opening season.
Oh well.
That just means a return trip sometime this summer is in order! :D

Oh, and definitely a highlight of the day - was getting close to this little guy who was singing his little heart out. Seriously. I could have sat & listening to him all day long.

One of the unique thing about the Watkins Glen area too are the waterfalls.
And not just any waterfalls.

I don't know about you, but most of the waterfalls I've ever seen, you have to hike a bit to get to them. They're buried in a park somewhere, right?

Not in Watkins Glen.
These things are literally, right on the road.

We were driving into the area and just kind of taking in the scenery, and next thing we know we're beside this huge waterfall - WOAH DERRICK! Did you just see THAT?! haha

It's incredible - right beside the road.

And this one is just a little bit off the road - notice the small patch of green grass in front of it.

What was so relaxing about out trip though was that we had no agenda.
We didn't really have a timeline or a list of things to do.
So, we just roamed around the area and looked for cool things [with a little bit of help from our handy dandy tourist map of course!]

And one of the things I wanted to see while we were up there was the Belhurst Castle.
Which, when we got there, Derrick complained that he's seen houses bigger than this "castle".
I still thought it was pretty cool.
And, apparently it's pretty amazing on the inside, but we didn't venture in - maybe next time.

Did I mention it was super dreary?
Because it was super dreary.

Anndd I'll end with one of my favorite photos of the day - this tree.
Seriously, you can't tell me this tree is amazing!!

And, the moral of this tale is - we're going back to Watkins Glen.
Sometime when it's warmer, and sunnier, and more open :)

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  1. Nice job Kara - On your next trip the other side of the lake going toward Lodi is another fall. I think it is Hector Falls along the road too. Stay on the road that runs along the lake (left turn). It is an awesome falls too. Also, run up to the Elk Farm to see some nice racks. At the main light (last one before the lake) turn left going toward Castle Gritche (spelling not right), keep going up the hill (don't turn) and you will run into the farm. There is a lot to do in Watkins Glen. The cardboard boat regatta takes place around 4th of July that is pretty crazy too. When I was younger I grew up camping in Clute Park every summer for a month or two. They were memorable time for me :O)
    Sue Williams