Saturday, May 7, 2011

Sayre Highschool Prom 2011

Last Saturday afternoon - I had the extreme privilege of opening up my home, to allow two beautiful ladies the time & space to get ready for prom.

One of my good friends, Larissa came over to beautify these already beautiful ladies. She did their hair, makeup, and nails - and oh boy - I know who I want to make me pretty the next time I'm going out to something big :D She was fantastic - to say the least.

She was totally relaxed the whole time.
Me? I probably would have been slightly stressed out - two girls that need to be completely ready to go in just about 2 hours - that's a lot of stuff to do when you think about it.
But Larissa brought it off beautifully.

Abby sat and watched the whole thing - she wanted to know when it was her turn to get pampered :P

When they were finished, we ran outside for just a few quick photos - and then they were whisked away for a wonderful evening.

Meet Emmy.
Occasionally known as "Earthquake Emmy" for her ginormous burping skills.
Also known for her crazy attitude and outlook on life. She's insane.
Continuously bouncing off the walls - she brings life to our youth group.
She's definitely an encourager - just one minute around her and if you're down, her craziness will pick you up pretty darn fast :)
She's a fabulous young lady who has a huge heart for other people.
And she's incredibly gorgeous :)

Meet Amber.
Amber is a huge sweetheart and she balances out her best friend quite well.
While Emmy is bouncing off the walls, Amber is quiet and thoughtful.
She's super caring for other people and especially littler people.
Did I mention that she's a sweetheart? Because that word completely sums her up.
Amber doesn't actually go to Sayre Highschool, but goes to Freedom Lane Academy [the Christian school run by our church] but being best friends, Emmy wanted to bring Amber along with her.
She's a fabulous young lady who looked so mature and elegant Saturday night.
And she's incredibly gorgeous :)

Did I mention that they're best friends?

Girls, my house is open all the time - you are fabulous young ladies who are growing into such beautiful young women!

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