Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Things I've Learned..

so we're at the end of gardening season :(

and i must admit, i grew pretty fond of my little garden.
never mind the fact that my eggplants never grew, my green pepper plants never gave me any green peppers, my cucumbers were a flop, i only harvested lettuce once, and something ate half my beans!

i really enjoyed watching my little garden grow this summer though.
and i learned a few things along the way!

1. start earlier!
2. harvest earlier!

i definitely should have given some of my plants a head start inside. growing things from seeds and just planting them straight in the ground was fine - i got some great results [and some not so great results] but things are JUST starting to peak right now - and we're in danger of frosts now. so i definitely need to start at least my tomatoes and peppers inside next year so that they'll have a head start on life :)

and i had no clue when to pick things - haha - really. i waited way too long to pick my lettuce and thus lost out on a ton of really yummy salads. i waited too long to pick my beans and thus had to throw a bunch away because they were too hard. a few of my zucchinis rotted before i realized - i was thinking they would grow as huge as the zucchinis in my parent's garden and well, they definitely didn't.

SO - all that to say -
i can't wait for next year :D
is it spring yet?

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