Wednesday, September 7, 2011


if you haven't heard, we have a lot of water.
[and i don't mean "we" as in me&D&abby, but "we" as in the town]
we have a lot of water.
and it's becoming a slight problem -
there is a lot of flooding going on and the stories i was hearing at work today just get worse and worse.
it started with a road being shut down.
then another road shut down.
then we heard about a car stranded - so that road was shut down.
then we started hearing about people's homes being flooded.
the schools announced that they were shutting down.
businesses were closing.
then we heard about towns around us being evacuated.
or in worse cases, people simply being stuck there.

all this water though, makes me extremely thankful for 2 things:
1. that where our house is? it won't be flooded. we're far enough away from the river that we're out of the "flood zone"
2. that all this rain is not snow :)

the only one that is UNhappy about the absence of a lake forming in our backyard is abby.
she was in her element this past weekend at the lake - no more fear of water folks ! it was quite the opposite this weekend, we had trouble getting her OUT of the water :)

anyway, the rain continues and we'll see how bad it gets.
say a prayer for the folks who have been affected by all the flooding, the folks who are stuck in hotels tonight because they can't get home, and the folks who have lost their homes in the flood.

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  1. Abby would try to dive in a puddle I think, so don't take her for any walks anytime too soon!