Thursday, September 8, 2011

more water

after i picked up D from work last night, we took a little jaunt around town to look at the rising water situation.

we were shocked.

the river was so high - but we thought the worse was over.

and then it rained all night long.

and when we both got phone calls early this morning that both of our jobs were closed for the day, we had to go out and take a little jaunt around town.

and we were more than shocked.

what we had seen last night wasn't even the half of it. the water had risen severely and we learned that most of the communities around the area had been evicted.

thankfully, our house and street continues to be on the high ground and the possibility of us getting flooded has passed. i mean, it would have to flood ridiculously for our house to flood anyway, but the way the water was rising, we just didn't know.

we still don't know the extent of the damage but a lot of homes have been destroyed by water. many of the homes in the lower portions of our town have had their first floors completely flooded - some waters even breaching the second floor.

it's completely unimaginable and still hard to believe.

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