Saturday, April 30, 2011

Ghetto Fabulous :)

D&I have invited people over to our house on numerous occasions - and when inviting people over it's traditional to give folks who have never been to your house directions.

And so, I have described my house in many ways.

"We're like the 5th or 6th house on the right."
"Big yellow forthysia bush in the front yard."
"We're the house that looks haunted."
"It looks really scary on the outside, but I promise its fabulous on the inside"
"Two-story, blue house with all the paint peeling off the cedar shingles."

But when giving directions this past week for a Mary-Kay party I had here, I came up with the best indicator of our house yet.

"We have a super ghetto mailbox - think: dirty mailbox, on a pole, in an orange bucket of cement, leaning against our house."


She found our house super easy :)

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