Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Spring-time is HERE! :D

Spring has finally arrived !!
And I decided to run outside & document it really fast this afternoon.

I say really fast because it was kinda-sorta raining.
But I wanted some new pictures :)

Abby-girl was being impatient at the door, waiting for me to join her outside.
She had sleepies in her eyes.
And she has a really long tongue.

So, clue number 1 that spring has arrived -

No more snow-drifts! YAY!
I'll never complain about puddles again :)

Anndd, clue number 2 that spring has arrived -

Since we moved into our house in October, I honestly assumed that I would have to plant every flower that grew in our yard this year. [the folks who lived here before weren't exactly the "flower-type" ya know?]
But, I was so surprised when I saw this little patch of purple goodness sprout and spring up in the corner of our yard! YAY for flowers!

I don't know what they are, or if they are even anything, but they make my yard at least a little bit happy :)

And everything else in my yard is in bloom too ! I can't WAIT for the lilac bushes to bloom--oohh myy soul--it's going to be fantastic!

Okay, and one more of Abby because she thinks she's a model :)

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