Sunday, April 24, 2011

One Year

Happy Resurrection Day to everyone -
and Happy Anniversary to me & D!

Sheesh, where does a year go? 
Because I totally don't believe that these photos were taken exactly one year ago today.
It totally feels like it was just yesterday.
I mean, we just got back from our cruise a few weeks ago, right? So, the wedding couldn't have been a whole year ago!

But, it has. And somehow, a whole year has gone by.

We saw some of D's extended family a few days ago, and they were wishing us a happy early anniversary, and they jokingly asked me, what the secret to living with D was.
And I replied, I have no idea.

Which is true. I have no idea what I'm doing as a wife.
But, we've made it through a whole year without killing each other - and so we must be doing something right.

And that's exactly it - something is right.
And it's not that we have this incredibly perfect life with a perfect house, perfect bank account, perfect jobs, and a perfect puppy, or that we were made for each other, or that we have warm & fuzzy feelings for each other all the time.
Nope, because things aren't perfect, and there are days when we aren't 100% crazy about the other, and moments where those warm & fuzzy feelings are absent.

That right thing though: is God and the amazing things He has done that we are all celebrating today.

It's kind of cool - our first anniversary is on Easter. 
The day we celebrate Jesus conquering sin, death, and hell. 
Because - it's the thing that is right in our marriage. 

So, one year down - a lifetime to go.
And I just have one thing to say to that:
Bring it :)

So, for our anniversary, we're going to church to celebrate Jesus' resurrection.
And then, we're going away for a small vacation to celebrate our marriage.

I love you D - forever.

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