Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Weekend Away

It seems like D&I's lives are soo busy all the time.
Maybe not "soo" busy, but at least every weekend it seems like there is something going on.
And we work all week.
And then several nights a week we have weekly commitments.
And when you add in inviting folks over for dinner here & there.
Well, we're busy folks.
And we don't mind it, but sometimes you just need to stop and relax?

So that's what we did last weekend.

We traveled up past Syracuse to visit Derrick's best friend [+wife & new baby on the way!] from college. They had just moved and live in the middle of nowhere.

Read: NO where.
Think: drive 20 minutes to get to WalMart.
Yes, no man's land :)

Haha, so it's really not that bad. They have a fabulous house and live on a road with all these big farms.
Notice the photo of the tractor?
Yes, the farmer driving the thing definitely got a kick out of me snapping his photo with my iPod :D

Anyways, we went up there and it was the perfect relaxing weekend.
Caleb & Steph didn't really have much planned - it was kind of a spur of the moment visit [planned about a week ahead of time] but it was WONDERFUL.

For example: I have never been to visit people where you don't wake up at the crack of dawn to get all your visiting in? Well, when we got there on Friday night, and then proceeded to stay up until after midnight visiting, they informed us that they would be sleeping in - so we might as well sleep in too.
Think: no alarm clocks !! YES.
So, we all slept in till like 9:30-10ish. It was sinfully amazing :)

We had a fabulous time catching up with them and hanging out as married folks.
We'll definitely be doing that again :)

oh & ps - notice the top right photo? Steph took me to this little Mennonite store that sold all sorts of homemade & fresh produce, & groceries! my question is: do we have anything like that around the Twin Tiers? maybe someone who has lived here for a while will know of somewhere like this :) :) please let me know !!

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  1. you can come to the store at Deep Creek you know, if there's none near you!