Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Update: Youth Group Room

Remember way back when - like January, way back when - when I blogged my crappy iPod touch photos of us beginning to re-do the youth group room in our church? [If you can't remember, you can get a free refresher here: 8 teens + paint = bad idea]

Want some updated - and equally crappy iPod touch photos of where the room is now?? :D

You won't really believe it, but here we go: a few before & after shots:
notice the FABULOUS two new windows !!!

and the day I snapped these, they were all set up to do a little shop/fundraiser thing in the room - thus the tables..

annddd, the other side of the room:

Pretty fantastic eh?
We're still not done. But we're well on our way !!

The next steps will be: 
Finding some tables we love & purchasing them. 
Getting a nice big new chalkboard/dry-erase board. 
Doing some decorating !!

And some day- I'll take some decent pictures with my big camera :)

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