Tuesday, April 19, 2011

New Twin Cousins :)

I finally got to meet my twin cousins Abby & Becca last weekend when D&I were home !!
Man are they cute :)
I mean, most babies are pretty cute, but when there are TWO babies - it's DOUBLE adorable-ness !!

What was really cool too: is that even though they are just a tad over one month old already? They're still the size of newborns !! They've both gained exactly 1.5lbs since being born, which lands them both right around 7.5lbs! Which is pretty much newborn size :) So, even though I was a little late in meeting them, they're both still so tiny I didn't feel like I missed too much :)

Ruby-kins and I spent pretty much all morning long over at my Aunt & Uncle's house, just sitting and holding the babies. Because, you gotta hold each of 'em individually and for equal amounts of time so they don't get to thinking that their big cousin Kara loves either of 'em more than the other :D

They're not 100% positive that they're identical, but it's pretty darn impossible to tell them apart.
Usually, they are dressed in different colors. And if all else fails, Abby's toes are painted red :)
But of course, the day I come to visit, they were both dressed in PINK. Just to confuse me.
It was pretty funny trying to guess which was which :) Poor girls :)

I'm pretty sure though that this one was Becca.
[because I took this picture while she was sitting on my lap & I was blindly shooting with my camera held out at arms length pointed down at her]

And I'm pretty sure this one is Abby.
[because I took this one a few hours later when everyone came over for Easter dinner - and someone else was holding her]

It's pretty fun though, because even though they're both still pretty tiny, they are a month old and so they're awake more and more alert. And they like to make faces :)

Seriously, it doesn't get much better than this:

By the end of the day though, they were pretty tuckered out at everyone holding them, talking to them, cooing over them, and cuddling with them.
What a life eh?

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