Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Got Dust Bunnies?

Today was a gorgeous day.
Think: upper 70's, sunshine, and warm breeze.

So, what does a sensible girl do when she gets home from work?
Open all of her windows to air the house out of course!

Ahh, so I'm sitting out my dining room table, all relaxing and enjoying the nice breeze blowing through my house, when out of the corner of my eye, I see something dart across the floor.

Kara had a little 3-second-heart-attack if you know what I mean :)

My mind instantly sprung to assuming it had to be some sort of bug. I mean, with the warm weather they're all coming back to life it seems, and one of them must have followed me inside. 
How dare he.
[and of course it's a "he", a "she" would totally know better LOL]

As I was turning my head to look at this thing, I was planning his demise.
Should I allow him the quick and painless death of sudden squashing?
Or let him slowly suffer by giving him to my dog to play with & eventually eat?

And, as I turned to lay eyes on this nasty thing, this is what I saw:

What is THAT?!

Is that a DUST BUNNY in MY house?!

I was instantly planning worse fates for this mr. dust bunny than the bug was going to suffer.

Seriously folks, I'm a really good housekeeper. 
Ask Derrick. 
I get stressed out if our bed doesn't get made in the morning. 
Dishes cannot reside in the sink longer than a few minutes.
And if D dares to bring his precious "piles" of things out of his office, ohh boyy, watch out.
So, for something like this to accumulate and then casually roll across my floor is COMPLETELY unacceptable!

So, what's a girl to do?

Get down on the floor & photograph the thing - OF COURSE :D

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