Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Abby outtakes

yesterday i posted a photo of abby for the i heart faces challenge for the week.

well, the photo i posted was not my original idea.
my original idea, was that i wanted to wrap abby up in a string of lights and take her picture by the tree and make it look like, she got into the lights - ya know? i mean: she IS a mischievous little girl :)

so i got the only strand of lights we hadn't put up, and plugged them in by the tree and called her over to me.
she was perched on the couch and refused to budge.
big time.
think: teenage rebellion refusal.

so, i brought the lights to her:

after a few tries at wrapping her up, she gave me such a pouty face that i just couldn't take it any more!
i snapped a few quick photos and then knew that that was not going to work.

so we tried something different. lay the lights out on the ground and let her sit in the middle of them all, then take her picture from above - she was MUCH happier to oblige with that request :)

hey: anything is better than her pouty faces :)

the moral of the story is:
i'm going to be a horrible-push-over mom whenever i have kids and they give me a pouty face :P

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