Saturday, December 10, 2011

Our House [before and afters]

okay so this is kind of ridiculous and i know it.

back story:
we have a 3 bedroom house. 
we have lived here 14 months and have done a TON of work to make this house our own.
a few weeks ago, D got the brilliant idea to switch the office and our guest room.
and so, the day after Thanksgiving [the only day he has off and i have to work!] he switched the rooms.
but, after he switched them, i said, we have to do something about our "new" guest room.
[you'll realize why when you see the first photo!]

so, we both had taken yesterday off - originally we had planned a few things to do, but they all fell through and we ended up spending the day painting the guest room!

see for yourself how horrible it was:

and how AMAZING it now looks!

i am SO in love with the color we picked! i really wanted to do this turquoise color and brown in the room - and with all the dark woodwork, i knew it'd really pop :) ahh i'm so in love :)
here's another shot:

so, obviously the room isn't completely finished - pictures need hung and i need a new bedspread - but for now, it looks SO much more amazing than it did!

anndd - while we were painting, we decided to repaint the stair-well too!
it was also in desperate need of some paint-love :)
[i'm not sure who lived here before, but they had this fascination with this ugly yellow color, it's in our bathroom and in the "new" office too - those rooms will eventually also get painted!]

well now it's what i like to call "hot chocolate" :D
it's a really smooth & beautiful color that i was a little nervous about at first, but i adore now!

another shot, coming UP the stairs -

so i have plans for THIS wall space too! i already have a picture display planned out in my mind and i can't wait to carry it out :D

so - our house [namely our stair-well and guest room] look incredibly amazing now - and i couldn't be happier :)

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  1. looks great !!! Like the turquoise color, now I just need to come sleep in it!