Friday, December 3, 2010

::Family Photos:: The Z Family [Monroeton, PA]

Last night I got to spend some time with the Z family !! They go to the same church D&I go to and o.mi.gosh. Talk about adorable-ness.

Kloie is almost 4 years old and Bella & Sophia are the twins who just turned 1 !! They are THE sweetest family ever :) 

Kloie was so camera shy when I first arrived, but after about 5 minutes she warmed right up and was such a cute little model !! She kept coming up with poses, "How about this?" "Take a picture of me smiling like this!" I have soo many cute shots of her - but this is my favorite.

And the twins - wow are they adorable !! It was so hard to pick up my camera and take their pictures because I just wanted to cuddle with them !! This is Bella - she's the peanut of the two and super cutie. Also the friendliest of the bunch - she's quite the social butterfly :D

And Sophia - she has never come to me at church, never let me hold her - but after being in her house for a little while she warmed right up to me and now I think we're going to be good friends :D She's equally precious and it's funny how different the girls are. They are only a year old, but their little personalities are beginning to shine through and it's so fun to see !!

I think they're sending a silent message to each other - I don't know about this Kara-girl and her big camera :D

And one of Samantha & Jeremy - they are the sweetest parents - these girls are so blessed :) They love these kiddos with every ounce of everything they have. I asked Kloie if we should have Mommy & Daddy in a picture by themselves and she took right over. "YES! Mommy, you move over closer to Daddy - like that - uh huh!" It was so cute :) I told her she could come with me on all my shoots to help me out :D

And another one of Sophia, because I couldn't resist.

Well, we had a splendid time, but by the end of the shoot, kiddos are always kinda tired. You can always tell when they are just done - ya know? They are tired of sitting still and being cooed at to smile. They want out of their dress clothes and they want to be free - and this was Bella at that point :P hahaha

Hope you enjoy Samantha & Jeremy !! I had a blast hanging out with you guys !!

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