Sunday, December 5, 2010

A 30 Day Challenge

Remember when people used to send around those survey/questionnaire emails? They usually started with: "What kind of socks are you wearing?" and ended with "Who do you think will respond to this with their answers first?"

Remember those?

I hate to admit it, but I used to spend hours filling those things out. At first I did them because I felt so important to be receiving emails that I could reply to. And then I did them because I was bored. And then I did them because I felt obligated to [I mean, my friend spent an hour filling the dumb thing out, I should too].

I don't know, maybe they still float around out there somewhere for 12-year-olds to fill out and send to their friends. But I'm definitely glad that I no longer receive them - and consequently feel bad for not replying :)

But I'll be honest - secretly somewhere deep down inside I truly enjoyed filling those things out but hated the huge amount of time I wasted.

So, recently I've noticed a few of my Facebook friends doing this 30-day photo challenge thing.

And it kind of reminded me of those surveys.

And I was intrigued.
And tempted.
And decided to give in and do it too :)

The first one is:
Day 01 - A picture of yourself with five random facts about yourself.

So, here we go :)

1. Derrick scored free tickets for us to go see "Tangled" this afternoon - he's such a fantastic husband I know :) :) And it's my new favorite movie !! Instant Disney classic all the way - totally adorable and heartwarming and Disney-classic-ish [meaning they randomly burst into song!! yessss!] And yes: I cried .. twice =X

2. I collect books and love to read - but haven't had time to truly sit down and enjoy a good book since I got married. Sure I have still read a few books in the last 7 months, but it takes me wayy too long and I kind of lose the story in the muddle of time. And that's just downright depressing.

3. I want a puppy really bad. But, I am reasonable too - I know it's really hard to house-break a puppy in the winter [on the owner at least]. But, I still want a puppy really really bad :)

4. I love to cook but I get really nervous when it comes to cooking for other people. What if what I make doesn't turn out yummy like it always does? What if they simply don't like it and are put in the awkward spot of: smiling thru the pain of eating it? :P

5. And ... Our house is FINALLY fully decorated for Christmas! D just hung the last lights and now I can officially go around and photograph our first Christmas together at our first house !! Those photos coming soon :)

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