Saturday, December 11, 2010

::Family Photos:: [Mill City, PA] Part 1

Last Saturday, Derrick & I had the supreme opportunity to go down to visit with his Uncle Jim & Aunt Dot, and some of their family! They fed us a fabulous dinner and then lent me their beautiful faces to photograph :D We had fun and wow - they're so photogenic [obviously, from my post about Mr. Rocky Canyon here]

And how did I know the photos were going to turn out great?

When Uncle Jim & Rocky Canyon started out by playing an old fashioned game of .. well I'm not sure what the official name of this game is - but I remember always playing with my Dad and being able to play forever. We'll call it, the hand-slapping game.
You know, the game where you put your hand down, and then the other person puts their hand on top of yours, then you put yours, then they put theirs, then you pull your hand out from the bottom of the stack and put it on top, then they pull out their hand and put it on top - you know - THAT game :D

And thenn: we watched as the same two men put on their gallant-hero-faces and freed a poor bird that was trapped in the bird feeder outside :D

And then we got down to some "serious" photo business. Starting with some new official photos of Uncle Jim & Aunt Dot for the church website - did I mention they're pastors? Yeah, they are :) [You'll notice the church in the background of the photos where they are freeing the bird]

Topped off with some relaxed Christmas photos - where scrunching noses are ALWAYS accepted !!

And kisses are the cherry on the top of the whipped cream of scrunched noses :) :)

Okay, and there are tonssss more - but I'm going to split this into 2 posts because - well I can't hit you with too much fabulous-ness all at once :D

Just know - that coming up next would be more Rocky Canyon cuteness - plus he's got a brother and two sisters that are just as cute - OHH and the next post includes socked feet and footie PJs !!! :D


  1. very nice close up of Uncle Jim & Aunt Dot

  2. How'd you get the lights (Christmas) in the first pic? The soft focus of them?