Saturday, December 4, 2010

Mr. Rocky Canyon

I'm getting ready to go to bed - right? It's late, it's been a busy and full day, and I'm tired.

But quickly, I want to look through the photos I took this afternoon of D's aunt and uncle and cousins. They invited us down to for dinner and for some family photos - and looking through I found a pair that I just HAD to share :D

Introducing: the little man of the family - Nate [aka: Rocky Canyon - from the Rescue Heroes :D] He and I have been buddies for a long, long time.

The very first weekend I ever spent with Derrick and his family, was a July 4th weekend back in 2008. It was just over a month since we had met at Paul and Naomi's wedding. During that weekend, the church had a picnic and D's cousins came to that picnic - which is where I met Mr. Nate. [You can read about that first weekend here :D because I blog about everything :)]

And just in case you don't believe me - here we are back in 2008:
(and yes, it was back in the day when I was still blogging under my "pen-name" of Tiffany Scott)

Well, the little man has grown up quite a bit. He's now a whopping 3 years old.

And, almost as if he was embarrassed to be hanging out with me? He made sure to let me know that he had a girlfriend.
And her name is Christine.
And she goes to his church.
And she is 12 years old.

And when confronted about being told young to have a girlfriend. He said "No I'm not!" and so we asked him, "Well, how old do you have to be to have a girlfriend?" and he so sheepishly responded with a big smile on his face: "Three" :D

So, all I can say is, watch out ladies ! :D

And so here he is: with his "football" helmet on. Because his big brother Josh (who is 9) plays football, and Nate wants to be just like his big brother :)

More photos to come soon !! I'll be blogging a full post about the afternoon later on this week :D The photos turned out sooooo cute !!! :D

PS - My blog is kind of freaking out - not sure what it's problem is, I'm hoping its just a problem with blogger and it fixes itself =X

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