Sunday, December 26, 2010

::Family Photos:: The R Family [Wysox, PA]

On Tuesday night I had the extreme pleasure of hanging out with another awesome family from church!
Oh, and we shot some family photos while I was there too :)

It didn't really feel like a photo-shoot though - at least not a formal one. They welcomed me like just another member of the family, chilling out and relaxing the week before Christmas. It was awesome :) And I think you'll agree: relaxed atmospheres are always the best for getting awesome photos!

Meet Chris & Tammy, Cassie & Justin :)

You might remember them, they were the family with the awesome socks from the Christmas Extravaganza Family Photos I took back in November ! [see the post here!]

Annddd - after a few just family shots, we added in the 'other' members of the family! Caleb - is Cassie's fiance - they are getting married in 2011 ! And Kalesha - well at the time that I took these photos, she was still simply Justin's girlfriend (more on that story to come ...)

They were SUCH good sports for me :) It always makes for amazing photos when a family is willing to simply comply with whatever crazy wishes a photographer might come up with :)

Anyway, one of the reasons we had to wait on family photos until Christmas week was that Justin is in the Navy and he has been overseas for the last 7 months and just got home. It's been tough on everyone to have him away so long, but they are so happy and super thankful that he is home now.

You could feel the collective sigh of relief to simply have him there.

 Having him home for Christmas has been a slice of heaven for his family and his girlfriend.
And on Christmas Eve, he sealed Kalesha into his family by asking her to marry him.
So, a huge congratulations go out to these two !

Cassie was also there with her fiance, Caleb. They've been together since high-school and are still wading waist deep through wedding planning. It's still about 6 months away, but they were so excited to tell me all about the details that have already been taken care of - like her dress and her flowers.

And then, it felt like I was transported back in time to last Christmas. Where I was still just engaged and about 4 months away from my wedding - and my Mom would sit across the room from me and remind me of all the things I still needed to do - because Tammy was reminding Cassie the same way.

What would we do without our Moms?

And Chris & Tammy?
If you ever come to New Generation Church, in Milan, PA - you'll know who these two are. They are pretty impossible to miss. They have an infectious love of Jesus - and you can't get past it. And it is completely normal for my father-in-law: the Pastor, while he is preaching to have a little banter back and forth with Chris - usually resulting in a lot of laughs.

They're an awesome family and I am so grateful to have been given the chance to hang out with them, get to know them a bit better, and capture a few memories for them :)

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