Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Neighbor Lessons Anyone ?


I've never really had neighbors.

The first house I lived in- I don't really remember it much so it doesn't count.
The second house- we lived up on top of a hill and even though there were people around, they weren't like, right next door. We considered them neighbors, but they couldn't see in our windows at night if we didn't pull the curtains- ya know?
The third house- my Grandparents and Aunt&Uncle&cousins were our neighbors. But, they are family- so that's a whole different story.

But now Derrick&I have our own house, and we live in a neighborhood.
That if you don't shut your curtains at night, people can see right in :)

And so, I know about the whole- when someone new moves in next door, you take them a plate of cookies to welcome them to the neighborhood thing, right?
I mean, it's in all the movies- so that makes it normal procedure of course.
[even though no one did it for us .. pfft]

But I didn't know about this one:
Apparently good neighbors are supposed to exchange Christmas Cookies too.

I guess I need "neighbor" lessons.
Because I definitely failed this one.

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  1. OK, that's news to me and I have always had neighbors!