Monday, December 6, 2010

Christmas at our house !!

[I know, I'm already deviating from the 30-day challenge, but this is my blog and I want to post about my Christmas decorating skills! :D So, we interrupt your regularly scheduled programming for this blog about my house :D]

I have always loved Christmas.
And even more, loved decorating for Christmas!

At home, I was always the one to dig out the Christmas tree and ornaments.
I was the light tester and the bulb replacer.
I was the one who would line my bedroom with Christmas lights - only to give my Mother a heart-attack because I was going to "light the house on fire" :)
I even had my own personal, 3 ft. Christmas tree in my bedroom with all the trimmings :D

I love Christmas time :)

And this year is so super special. Not only because it's Derrick & I's first year together - altho' yes that is special :) But because we have our first house and for the first time EVER, I get to decorate without anyone saying anything about where I put my lights :D [but the electric bill in mind, I've used moderation this year]


Our tree !!! It's a real live one :D And - I truly do not understand why I argued against a live tree so heartily every year back home - because this thing is FABULOUS ! It smells soooo good and I don't have to worry about forcing a "fake" tree look "real" ! :D

A few of my Disney ornaments :D I want to go back soo bad.

My Grandpa found a whole box of these little houses when he was cleaning out his brother's house and he brought them home thinking my Mom would like them. Well, Mom didn't have any place to put them and so when I found them while decorating my family's house - I snatched them up because I knew they would make a perfect little village on my mantel :D

Annddd - to keep up with the Jones's across the street, we hung lights outside too :) haha They were another "left-over" from my parents, otherwise, we wouldn't have lights outside this year :D So, thanks Mom & Dad !!

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  1. lovely dear, wish I could come see it in person!!! Miss you!