Sunday, December 12, 2010

::Family Photos:: [Mill City, PA] Part 2

Okay so I'm ready to continue showing off some of the awesomeness from last weekend :D

Remember Rocky Canyon? He has 3 super adorable older siblings :D
And - he's quite a model, let me tell you !!

Some brotherly love :D [The big man, Josh - he's a football player and had just come back with a trophy from his football banquet!]

Story time ! So, back on that first weekend I spent getting to know Derrick - and we went to the church's 4th of July picnic? [you know, where Rocky Canyon & I met for the first time :)] well, I remember meeting Derrick's cousin Nicole. And she was awesome !! I didn't know anyone, and she grabbed me right up and started talking to me and made me feel all at home. I remember, we talked about homeschooling, because she homeschools her kids and I'm a homeschool graduate - so we chatted about that and about a few other random things. But she was awesome. And she still is :)

And this: is the lovely Nicole & her hubby Dan :D

[andd another one of Rocky Canyon because I can't help myself :D]

This is Danica - she's quite the grown up little lady. She put on this pretty dress & cuddled right up to her Grandpa :) Soo cute !! These kiddos love on their grandparents so much - it's so precious to see how sweet of a relationship they have with each other. It reminds me of my grandparents and makes me wish they were simply a short drive away instead of a long 5 hours :(

And this is Miss Abbey - she's such a doll and a perfect model. She's so quiet and a little bit shy. Maybe it's just when I'm around - maybe she's not like that normally - but it's very cute. And I loved how this shot turned out because I think it captures her personality perfectly :)

We snagged a few mom & daughter photos -

And a few super cute kiddos & Aunt Erin photos :D

Anndd - last but not least - probably my favorite shot from the whole night !!
I had no clue what was going on. They hadn't warned me about this one. I knew they wanted traditional family shots and individual shots - all the usual, but the next thing I heard was, "Okay, go get your PJs on!" and all the kiddos come prancing out in their Christmas pajamas, and out comes Aunt Dot in footie PJs !! And they all cuddle up by the tree and she pulls out a book and starts to read.

Oh. mi. soul.

Could they get any cuter? Really? This is soo precious !! Nana cuddled up with her grandkids under the tree, reading them a story.

I have no clue who's idea this was : but it is priceless.

I had a great good time hanging out with ya'll ! Let's do it again sometime soon !!

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