Monday, December 27, 2010

Food is Good

I went to Panera Bread once when it opened about 15 minutes from my house.

I studied the menu for several minutes and determined that I was reading another language - I simply didn't understand.

I don't even remember what I ordered, but it was okay. I wasn't blown out of the water or anything.

Then a few years past, and they built one even closer to my house - about a mile away. I was never even tempted to re-try it. Until my Grandparents - who would take me out to lunch almost weekly when I still lived at home - suggested we go there for lunch.

I wasn't thrilled, but, okay, sure.

We went.

And maybe I was a little older, more mature - or maybe they simply re-worded their menu: I don't know, but it made more sense to me than I remembered. I ordered something and it was FABULOUS.

Talk about: love-at-second-sight :D

And from then on, I was thrilled when they wanted to go to Panera Bread.

My favorite thing to get was the "You Pick Two" - you picked 2 [brilliant, I know] of either a cup of soup, a half sandwich, or a half salad. That was my deal and depending on the type of soup they were serving that day - I rotated through the options.

So, you'll understand my excitement when I put together a "Panera" meal last night :D
D&I weren't really that hungry from a huge lunch of leftovers from Christmas, so I made some soup, made a nice little salad, and added a baguette as the cherry on top.

I felt so fabulous :)


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