Wednesday, July 9, 2008

july 4 weekend

this 4th of July i had the amazing opportunity to go with my best friend and her husband up to his parent's house for the weekend.. i had such an awesome time and it went way too fast..

the 2 lovebirds :) right over the hill from where they were sitting in this picture is where paul proposed to naomi last december..

on friday.. we went to mr. abbey's church's picnic.. we had so much fun.. playing volleyball.. water balloons.. swimming.. playing games.. and derrick had to show off his sweet skills by doing back-flips for me :)

the abbey brothers.. right before they crashed into each other lol

hehe this is my new boyfriend.. his name is nate.. isn't he cute? he was so adorable :) i carried him around to give his mama a break that day..

what's the 4th of July without sparklers ??

haha doesn't it look like paul is holding fire?

pretty fireworks someone set off..

on saturday we went and watched mr. and mrs. abbey play in their softball game.. doesn't he look fierce?

mrs. abbey definitely looks fiercer tho'.. hehe :)

they honestly looked like this the whole time tho'.. it was inexpressibly comfortable to be with them.. they were so much fun to talk to and be with.. they totally put all of my fears to rest with their easy going ways and how they totally accepted me into their house for the weekend..

the view from the top of the mountain that paul proposed to naomi on..

speaking of the lovebirds :)

to sum up the whole weekend.. it went WAY too fast and i totally did not want to leave when it came down to it.. every night i went to bed with a sore face and a sore stomach from smiling and laughing so much the entire day..

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